Australia takes out opening matches at AVC Continental Cup

Australia takes out opening matches at AVC Continental Cup

Australia’s leading men’s beach volleyball teams have won their opening matches at the AVC Continental Cup Semi Final in Thailand.

Reigning Commonwealth Games Champions Damien Schumann and Chris McHugh defeated Philippines’ Jaron Requinton & James Buytrago 2:0 (21-11, 21-15).

Max Guehrer & Zac Schubert also delivered a decisive 2:0 win over Jude Garcia & Anthony Lemuel Jr. Arbasto from the Philippines.

The winner from this weekend’s semi-final will progress through to the final next weekend, with Tokyo Olympic Games spots on the line.

Hot conditions greeted competitors on the opening day of competition for the Australians.

Damien Schumann said: “Good to get our first win here in Asia. It’s nice and hot here today, it hasn’t been as hot the last couple of days, It’s good to be back playing overseas.”

COVID had reduced the Australians opportunity to compete on the international circuit, with McHugh pleased to be back playing.

“Our first international match back after 18months due to COVID, it’s good to get the win. Looking forward to playing Japan tomorrow to progress to the next round.”

Max Guehrer was pleased both the Australian sides were able to come out firing on the first day.

“Good to see both Aussie teams get the win and on to the next round.

“We both play Japan… winner takes all in that match so looking forward to tomorrow,” he said.

CATCH TV – Damien Schumann & Chris McHugh –


12noon (ASET) – AUS v JPN

Centre Court >> Watch Live

Chris McHugh/Damien Schumann vs Yoshiumi Hasegawa/Takumi Takahashi

12noon (ASET) – AUS v JPN

Court 2 >> Watch LIve

Max Guehrer/Zac Schubert vs Kensuke Shoji/Masato Kurasaka

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