Brisbane Bayside State College proud to wear student-designed Indigenous jersey

Brisbane Bayside State College proud to wear student-designed Indigenous jersey

Competition at the iconic Australian Volleyball Schools Cup began today on the Gold Coast, with more than 5,500 students from 150 schools set to compete over the six-day competition. 

Alongside the many returning jerseys, there is a new kit worn by defending champions, Brisbane Bayside State College that is making its debut at the 2023 Australian Volleyball Schools Cup. 

Designed by Anette Broome, cousin of Brisbane Bayside State College player Marley Broome, the jersey features an indigenous design specifically created to represent the diverse culture of the school.

“My cousin designed this jersey and it means a lot for the boys to all be debuting it at this event,” said Marley. “The whole team has been pushing for a new jersey for a while, so it’s nice to see that we’ve incorporated a bit of traditional Indigenous culture into the new kit.

“It’s such a good experience being here at the Schools Cup. The games are great, it’s awesome to play with my mates, and to be doing it in this jersey is extra special.”

The new jersey is set to become the official playing kit of the secondary school following the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup, and Joshua Tolley, captain of the year 12 division 2 boys team, could not be more proud to showcase the strip for the first time.

“We’ve got an indigenous design on the front and back of our jerseys this year, and the whole team is pretty excited about it,” said Joshua “We’ve got a very culturally diverse school, and we love to represent our Indigenous community. This jersey was created specifically for us, for this tournament, so it feels great to wear it.

“It’s also pretty special to be back here with all the boys, competing as defending champions at the Schools Cup. We’ve got a very competitive division this year, so the competition has been pretty intense so far.”

Colin Strachan, coach of the boys team said it means so much to see his students proudly supporting each other.

“We have a culturally diverse school that is represented by the diverse team we have here at the 2023 Australian Volleyball Schools Cup,” said Colin

“Our school is quite young – only 12 years old – and our culture is something so important to us that we wanted to represent. The boys actually voted on what they wanted, turned to Marley and asked if he could design something for the team, and through his family, we’ve now got this amazing jersey that we’ll use across our whole school moving forwards.

The Brisbane Bayside State College year 12 division 2 boys team won one of their two games today, narrowly going down to South Australia’s Westminster School in their first match of the tournament. They will look to add to their number of wins over the coming days, with the ultimate goal of defending their title.

The Australian Volleyball Schools Cup is taking place on the Gold Coast this week from 3-9 December. To follow along with the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup action and results, visit the event website here.

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