CGA Funding Helping Beach Volleyball to Great Success

CGA Funding Helping Beach Volleyball to Great Success

A recent investment in Beach Volleyball by Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) is already making a significant impact on the men’s and women’s Volleyroos programs, with new technology the key to future success. 

As part of the initial allocation of Green2Gold2Great investment, Volleyball was allocated $150,000 by CGA for Foundation and Performance allocations.

The funding has opened doors for Volleyball Australia (VA), with the acquisition of powerful new analysis technology made possible due to the grant.

Lachlan Hinds, VA National Men’s Physical Preparation Coach says that the technology is already assisting to significant advancements in training and general wellbeing for players.

“We’ve been incredibly fortunate to receive some funding from Commonwealth Games Australia which has already made a difference to our programs in only a few short months,” said Hinds.

“The technology we have been able to purchase with the funding gives us a very competitive advantage as only a few other nations have access to the tools that we do.

“This technology will allow us to understand the demands of the game a lot more and then subsequently prescribe training more efficiently for overall performance but also athlete wellbeing and importantly, injury prevention,” he said.

The wearable technology tracks an athlete’s movement on the sand and is able to categorise the information based on a range of different metrics, including total distance covered, number and intensity of accelerations and direction changes, heart rate and jump statistics.

“Both the developing Volleyroos and the senior team will benefit from this technology, and we’ve currently got a couple of our younger athletes using it while they’re with us in our environment as well. 

“The plan moving forward is to understand this information longitudinally for those younger guys, so as they move into seniors we can understand more about them and the sport as well.

“One of the key things this technology will help us to understand is the difference in roles. We have athletes that move a lot on the court and athletes that don’t move as much, and this technology will help us to understand their strengths as well as areas of potential improvement.

“It has already made a difference in the short term in being able to prescribe and plan training. The more information and objective data that this technology can help us gather, the better.”

Hinds has much more than just short-term success on his mind.

“When I first set out to acquire the devices, I definitely had the home World Championships on my mind as well as Brisbane 2032 by extension. 

“The fact that we’ve been able to secure them now through CGA funding means we have about 18 months to really understand the information and really use it as best as we can to hopefully deliver a good result,” he finished.

General Manager of Team Planning and Delivery at Commonwealth Games Australia, Robin O’Neill added: “The investment in volleyball is exciting, in that it provides significant opportunities to better understand the demands of the game and how that affects athlete performance. 

“Collecting performance data over the coming years from a multitude of athletes ensures that Australian volleyball can continue to innovate and develop their programs, and by extension hopefully lead to medal winning outcomes for the 2026 Commonwealth Games and beyond. 

“We look forward to volleyball’s continued  growth and improvement,” said O’Neill.

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