Medals decided at Australian Youth Beach Volleyball Championships

Medals decided at Australian Youth Beach Volleyball Championships

The 2024 Australian Youth Beach Volleyball Championships have drawn to a wet and windy close at VolleySlam, with medals decided today across 10 categories from Under 14s to Under 18s.

More than 510 of Australia’s best young players descended on Coolangatta Beach over the last four days, all competing for a place on their respective podiums.

The home state of Queensland put on a dominant display in today’s medal matches, taking out their 10th straight President’s Cup and both the U18 boys and girls titles.

The Under 18 Boys title was won by Ben Larsen and Luka Sazdov after a close but decisive game saw them defeat South Australians Luke Huddleston and Cohen Taylor 2:0 (21-18, 21-19).

For Larsen and Sazdov, the Under 18 title is their third straight win at the Australian Youth Beach Volleyball Championships and a fantastic way to finish their youth career.

“We were down in both sets of that game, in the third last end-switch we were down 15-13, so trying to get back in the game both times was a bit of a challenge. Trusting each other and our game plan really helped us pull through,” said Luka.

“It’s pretty special to win three years in a row, especially doing it with the same partner. Ben and I have been playing together for four years, so winning three nationals in a row means quite a lot.

“Every year at this tournament has been great, there’s always great competition and the whole event is run really well. I’m really looking forward to coaching next year and seeing all the younger athletes come through,” he finished.

Ben echoed his partners sentiments, adding: “It was a bit stressful going down in each set but we were able to come back and get a couple of side-outs and crucial points which was good.

“It means so much to have won today. Winning U18s has been a goal of ours and that we’ve done it now is just something we’re super happy and super proud of.

The Under 18 girls final ran simultaneously to the boys on adjacent courts, allowing the crowd to turn their head and watch both games at once.

Two Queensland teams went head to head in the girls final, with 2023 U17 champions Charlotte Hansen and Matisse Conlon securing themselves a second title.

“It was a high stakes game for us, especially with it being our last year,” said Charlotte.

“We won last year and to be in the final again, this time versing fellow Queenslanders, was super special and definitely pushed us to play our best.

“We can both say that our result today shows our determination and commitment to training. A few years ago we came ninth, and that really spurred us on to work hard and improve ourselves and our skills. 

“The fact that we’ve now earned two gold medals in the last two years is definitely reflective of our hard work behind the scenes,” she said.

The close game saw Charlotte and Matisse edge out Caitlin Clarke and Chloe Sumich 2:0 (21-19, 21-19).

“It was super close the whole way through and very intense, my heart rate was super high, mental strength really pushed us through to the end,” said Matisse.

“We held it together and I couldn’t be prouder of how we played in our final year. To not drop a set the entire tournament is something we won’t forget anytime soon, the whole experience has been amazing.

“We’re both sad this is our last time at this tournament, it’s always so great and we have so many friends from other states because of it, but this isn’t the end for us.

“Hopefully see everyone around on the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour,” she finished.

Australian Youth Beach Volleyball Championships

U18 Girls

Gold: Matisse Conlon/Charlotte Hansen (QLD)

Silver: Caitlin Clarke/Chloe Sumich (QLD)

Bronze: Mireille Smith/Remy Song (NSW)

MVP: Charlotte Hansen (QLD)

U18 Boys

Gold: Benjamin Larsen/Luka Sazdov (QLD)

Silver: Luke Huddleston/Cohen Taylor (SA)

Bronze: Felix Birke/Asher Gill (NSW)

MVP: Benjamin Larson (QLD)

U17 Girls

Gold: Lalita Lerno/Caitlin Northmore (WA)

Silver: Riley Akanoa/Sienna Arthur (QLD)

Bronze: Lily Callum/Florence Liu (QLD)

MVP: Caitlin Northmore (WA)

U17 Boys

Gold: Tom Bergemann/Ethan Grocott (QLD)

Silver: Rohan Kumar/Cooper Ryan (NSW)

Bronze: Levi Beard/Rayan Lincoln (ACT)

MVP: Ethan Grocott (QLD)

U16 Girls

Gold: Ella McDonell/Ruby Longmuir (VIC)

Silver: Tiegan Bennett/Ava Gaborit (SA)

Bronze: Allegra Conlon/Charlie Hannan (QLD)

MVP: Ella McDonell (VIC)

U16 Boys

Gold: Ryder Cameron-Edwards/Sam Huddleston (SA)

Silver: Kennedy Evans/Thomas Turner (QLD)

Bronze: Lincoln Mowen/Christian Nguyen (QLD)

MVP: Sam Huddleston (SA)

U15 Girls

Gold: Jorga Grocott/Ruby Murfield/Taylah Tulloch-Juleff/Thimathi Wijayalath Pathiranna (QLD)

Silver: Mayra Pacioni/Izabella Cheng/Adele Curtis/Ediri Ukoko (VIC)

Bronze: Blue Sana Bajwa/Noor Bajwa/Juliet Strang (ACT)

MVP: Taylor Tulloch-Juleft (QLD)

U15 Boys

Gold: Benjamin Kelly/Samuel MClymont/Ashton Shaw/Jye Turner (QLD)

Silver: Arvis Altanshagai/Luca Giddins/Sora Syrett-Lay (NSW)

Bronze: Reiss Halberstater/Ashton Jennings/Aulivier Liddell/Dexter Sheppard (QLD)

MVP: Jye Turner (QLD)

U14 Girls

Gold: Katelyn Britten/Greer Famous/Ellie Mellings/Indigo Patterson/Gemma Yong (VIC)

Silver: Laura Harcourt/Ivy Sazdova/Matilda McLean/Ella Murphy (QLD)

Bronze: Bareen Hamali Kamali/Sagek Singla/Tabasum Touheedi/Maya Maddrell (QLD)

MVP: Ellie Mellings (VIC)

U14 Boys

Gold: James Burgess/Sebastian Gelt/Eamon Gibbs/Josh Goodman/Jess Wong (VIC)

Silver: Haruto Bennie/Kaito Kuramochi/Zachary Le/Enrico Vivaldi (NSW)

Bronze: Christipher Dallimore/Ryder Shaw/Tobias Tennant/Bohdi Wyer (QLD)

MVP: Sebastian Gelt (VIC)

President’s Shield

1st Place: Queensland (29 points)

2nd Place: Victoria (11 points)

3rd Place: New South Wales (8 Points)

4th Place: South Australia (7 Points)

For draw information and results – click here.

Volleyslam 2024 is supported by Experience Gold Coast and the Queensland Government through Tourism and Events Queensland.

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