National Volunteer Week | Leanne Wisley

National Volunteer Week | Leanne Wisley

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Australian sporting community, and this National Volunteer Week, Volleyball Australia is celebrating those who give so much to the sport.

After a cross-country move more than a decade ago led her to pursue new experiences, Leanne Wisley fell in love with the Volleyball community and the sport as a whole.

Having held a variety of positions over the last ten years, Leanne continues to selflessly volunteer her time in several different capacities.

In the midst of National Volunteer Week, we caught up with the Toowoomba-based volunteer to find out more.

How long have you been involved in volleyball, and why have you remained involved?

I have been involved in volleyball since moving to Toowoomba in 2012. It is a sport that is one of the few that is truly team-based and this excites me – it is one of the many reasons that I remain involved.

Tell me a little about the various roles you have volunteered for over the years.

When I lived in Western Australia, I volunteered in the SES which I thoroughly enjoyed. Since moving to Toowoomba though, I fell in love with the community associated with Volleyball.

This has led me to running my school program but also volunteering as the manager for the open team in Darling Downs School Sport Volleyball for the past ten years. Through this role I also got involved in Volleyball Queensland and Volleyball Australia.

I have worked as a court supervisor for both of these organisations, venue manager for Volleyball Queensland and as a coach at the Volleyball Australia National Development Camp.

All of these roles allow me to work with such a fun variety of people and I look forward to reconnecting with them year after year.

I understand you’re a teacher, does the Schools Cup hold a special place for you?

Oh definitely! My first Schools Cup experience was as a coach when the competition was still in Melbourne. Having so many schools come together from all of Australia – and in fact internationally – was so exciting to see! I’ve never been part of a competition of that size before – now the largest school sporting event in the Southern Hemisphere!

When my school was no longer able to attend the competition, it was obvious to me that I still wanted to be part of the event and so signed up as a volunteer.

How long do you see yourself staying involved?

I can’t see a reason for me to stop – I love it!

I did initially think that a barrier to my participation would be having a baby, but my wonderful husband knows how much this work fills my soul and so really pushed me to continue. I am so grateful to have the support of my family to continue this volunteering that I enjoy so much.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering getting involved but may not have a network of people taking part?

Do it! I signed up to the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup on my own and was definitely nervous going in on my first day. Within minutes of arriving I had met people who made me feel so welcome and it was obvious that they valued my time and commitment.

The relationships I made with the crew I worked with during the week have been so strong that I have already travelled to Melbourne to catch up with some of them and can’t wait to see everyone again this year.

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