National Volunteer Week | Luke McBride

National Volunteer Week | Luke McBride

Luke McBride first took to the Volleyball court as a teenager and quickly fell in love with the sport.

After playing for several years, Luke was motivated to volunteer in order to gain more experience and be more involved in the sport and its community more generally.

We caught up with Luke during National Volunteer Week to find out more about his experience and how he balances his commitments.

How long have you been involved in volleyball, and why have you remained  involved?

I started volleyball late in my teens at 15 years old and have been playing for 10 years now. The reason I have stayed involved this long is mainly because of my love for the sport. I could never replace the feeling of walking into a stadium full of people who are passionate and keen to participate in the same sport as me.

Tell us a little about the various roles you have volunteered for over the years both at Schools Cup and other events.

Until last year I hadn’t really been involved in a lot of volunteer opportunities, that was until I met my partner Alexandra who motivated me to try out for everything and anything. 

I have done coaching for multiple clubs in both the Western Australian Volleyball League and summer programs (Murdoch and Reds) and also took part in the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup for the first-time as a volunteer last year where I was a court supervisor. 

On a more recent note, I have now become part of UniSport Australia’s Student Advisory Committee as well as the Curtin University Student Sports Advisory Council (CUSSAC), both of which are my highest achievements so far. 

I also volunteered at Curtin University to help organise their Uni Nationals team. Among other things, this role saw me trial and create the teams for the university’s men’s and women’s representative teams for the Uni Nationals event.

Volunteering at Schools Cup with your partner… what was that like?
It almost felt like a vacation; to put it simply, it was fun!

The Australian Volleyball Schools Cup by itself is an event that I would recommend to everyone, however, it can be daunting to travel to a national event by yourself, especially if you don’t know anyone going.

For me, flying from Western Australia for the first time was terrifying, but having my partner there allowed me peace of mind. We both love volleyball back home, so to have the chance to go across the country to support the next generation of athletes, for us was nothing short of a vacation we could enjoy together. 

Having someone you can rely on to have your back in any situation is something I am  extremely grateful for. Be it missing home, making friends or trying my best, my partner was my rock who kept me grounded.

What are you studying, and how do you  find time managing your study commitments and all other parts of your life, including volleyball? 

I’m currently at Curtin University and in my last semester studying a Bachelor of Commerce  majoring in international business, specialising in marketing and public relations.

Balancing full-time university, WAVL league, social volleyball and a social life can be very challenging and most of the time it means waking up early and heading to bed late. 

I have calendars which depict my schedule months in advance so that any opportunity isn’t wasted, however I think that a big part of making it work is also wanting to make it work. Passion is a big part of it. I like the saying “if it’s important you will make time” because there are days it’s hard but when I look back, I like to think it’s worth it. 

What advice would you give to someone who is considering getting involved but may  not have a network of people taking part? 

Although clichéd, I believe that the only way to have a network is to build a network.

Apply to everything you find fun, even if it isn’t related to your field or sport. For me, applying for things I am passionate about has been the first step to connecting with anyone.

It is daunting to apply when you know nothing or no one, but starting is always the hardest, so apply to everything because you never know where it will take you.

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