<strong>Statement – AOC Address to National Press Club </strong>

Statement – AOC Address to National Press Club 

Volleyball Australia (VA) welcomes the Australian Olympic Committee’s call to arms to the Federal Government around new investment models and significant funding increase for sport in Australia. 

Volleyball Australia recognises the power sport has to connect communities, keep people fit and healthy, address important community priorities such as mental health, indigenous participation, climate action and more. 

Volleyball boasts one of the largest participation bases in the world and we want more people here in Australia enjoying all forms of our sport, from indoor to beach, youth through to seniors. 

But our pathways and high performance programs need long term, sustainable funding that doesn’t just rely on performance based funding, but rather investing in sport for the long term. 

VA works well with our program partners at state and national level that support our highly successful beach volleyball programs, but this is not the whole picture. We also need to invest in our indoor volleyball national teams.

But we need to recognise the unique opportunity the runway to the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games offers sport in this country, and invest in all sports to ensure future generations can benefit. 

We support the AOC’s call for such investment and look forward to working with all stakeholders to make the ‘statement of purpose’ unveiled today, a reality. 

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