The Wambuyn Mulumun – part of our journey to reconciliation

The Wambuyn Mulumun – part of our journey to reconciliation

The Volleyroos are quite literally wearing their commitment to reconciliation on their sleeve with their playing strip displaying artwork – Wambuyn Mulumun – designed by indigenous two-time Olympic boxer Brad Hore.

The Women’s Volleyroos have worn the Wambuyn Mulumun uniform for the first time at the AVC Challenge Cup over the past week in Manila, on their way to a top-four finish.

The design is prominently displayed on the kit supplied by Volleyball Australia’s new apparel partner, New Balance.

Before jetting out to begin preparations for Men’s Challenge Cup, indigenous Volleyroo Beau Graham modelled the design at the Australian Institute of Sport last week alongside captain Luke Perry.

Graham, along with Australia’s first indigenous beach volleyball Olympian Taliqua Clancy, were involved in the original consultation process for Hore’s original artwork.

“The Wambuyn (Kangaroo) is only native to our land and represents us on the world stage,” said Hore at the design unveiling in 2022. “It creates an icon for our sport, it can represent us as people and as a collective culture where working together creates a family.

“The Mulumun (Coast) and sand surround our home, it’s what Australia is so known for. It protects our lands, feeding life and culture all around.

“I hope this is something that brings athletes back together when they’re overseas travelling and creates a connection among them.”

As Reconciliation Action Week is recognised around the country, Volleyball Australia (VA) is continuing to make strides towards taking meaningful action to advance reconciliation.

In the past 12 months, VA has established it’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Working Group, which is on its way to establishing the first element of its RAP Framework.

Under the model endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, there are four stages of RAPs for organisations to implement – Reflect, Innovate, Stretch and Elevate.

This allows organisations to not simply launch a Plan, but continuously evolve it to enhance their commitment to reconciliation.

“Volleyball Australia is on the path to launching the ‘Reflect’ stage of the RAP which involves engaging our staff and stakeholders and bringing them to the starting point of an ongoing process,” said Andrew Dee, Volleyball Australia CEO. “There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are committed to the process and the positive changes that follow.”

Click here for more information about Reconciliation Action Week.

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