U19 Beach Volleyball World Championships updates

U19 Beach Volleyball World Championships updates

Main Draw – Thursday 9 December

The U19 Beach Volleyball World Championships continued in Thailand today, with all four Aussie teams back on the court.

As the competition heads towards the finals stages, the Australian teams were out to earn positions in the next round.

Progressing through to the Round of 16 after a convincing final pool play game win is Aussie men’s pairing of Lucas Josefsen and Jack Pearse, who defeated Thailand 2:1 (18-21, 21-17, 15-7).

The win placed Josefsen and Pearse at the top of their pool, and through to the Round of 16, where they’ll face Panchenko/Chuprinov of Russia on Friday.

Day 4 Results – 9 December

Pearse/Josefsen (AUS) d Ch.Narakorn/S.Veerayut (THA) 2:1 (18-21, 21-17, 15-7)

Howat/Bushby (AUS) def by Semerad/Sepka (CZE) 0:2 (12-21, 18-21)

Stevens/Fejes (AUS) def by Binimelis/Fernandez Da Silva (ESP) 1:2 (17-21, 21-16, 14-16)

Fleming/Mears (AUS) def by Hodel/Reilly (USA) 0:2 (19-21, 12-21)

Day 5 Schedule – 10 December

12.50pm AEDT** – Pearse/Josefsen (AUS) v Panchenko/Chuprinov (RUS)

** All games on Court 2 will be live streamed via Thailand Volleyball Association Facebook – click here

Main Draw – Wednesday 8 December

After an epic day of competition, both Australian women’s teams are through to the Round of 24 at the U19 Beach Volleyball World Championships in Thailand.

Fleming/Mears managed to bounce back from a disappointing loss on day one of the main draw, to upset 19th seeds Adri/Fio 2:0 (21-19, 21-17).

Aussie pairing Pearse/Josefsen also toppled their opposition on day two, defeating De La Noche/Iraya of the Phillipines 2:0 (22-20, 21-9).

Pearse was proud of him and his teammates efforts on day two.

“Yesterday’s game went really well, we played well as a team and played to our strengths,” Pearse said.

“The first set had a hiccup but in the second we played hard and held them to 21-9.

“Looking ahead to our next games, we need to keep playing the same way – play hard and play well as a team.

“I’m super excited for what’s time come and hopefully we can beat Thailand for a spot in the next round” he said.

Both men’s teams will play their final pool games on Thursday, with spots in the Round of 24 up for grabs.

Day 2 Results – 8 December

Howat/Bushby (AUS) def by Zacca/Hartmann (USA) 0:2 (17-21, 19-21)

Fleming/Mears (AUS) d Adri/Fio (PAR) 2:0 (21-19, 21-17)

Stevens/Fejes (AUS) def by Morena/Vergara (ESP) 0:2 (17-21, 17-21)

Pearse/Josefsen (AUS) d De La Noche/Iraya (PHI) 2:0 (22-20, 21-9)

Day 3 Schedule – 9 December

1.40pm AEDT* – Pearse/Josefsen (AUS) v Ch.Narakorn/S.Veerayut (THA)

2.30pm AEDT – Howat/Bushby (AUS) v Semerad/Sepka (CZE)

3.20pm AEDT – Stevens/Fejes (AUS) v Binimelis/Fernandez Da Silva (ESP)

4.10pm AEDT* – Fleming/Mears (AUS) v Hodel/Reilly (USA)

*All games on Centre Court will be live streamed via Thailand Volleyball Association Youtube – click here

Main Draw – Tuesday 7 December

It was a tough day for our Aussies on day one of the main draw competition at the U19 Beach Volleyball World Championships.

With Howat/Bushby making their way through the qualification tournament, and Fleming/Mears claiming a lucky loser spot, they joined Stevens/Fejes and Pearse/Josefsen on the first day of pool play.

The most impressive performance of the day was put on by Stevens/Fejes who defeated Thailand’s K.Aungkwhawipa/Ch.Tassanee in straight sets 2:0 (21-16, 21-13).

All four Aussie teams will be looking to bounce back on Wednesday, on the last day of pool play with places in the Round of 24 on the line.

Day 1 Results – 7 December

Stevens/Fejes (AUS) def by Windeleff/Bisgaard (DEN) 0:2 (15-21, 17-21)

Fleming/Mears (AUS) def by Poiesz/Piersma B (NED) 0:2 (20-22, 9-21)

Pearse/Josefsen (AUS) def by Saviauk/Kais (EST) 0:2 (21-23, 10-21)

Howat/Bushby (AUS) def by Panchenko/Chuprinov (RUS) 0:2 (18-21, 15-21)

Stevens/Fejes (AUS) d K.Aungkwhawipa/Ch.Tassanee (THA) 2:0 (21-16, 21-13)

Fleming/Mears (AUS) def by Gottardi/Mattavelli (ITA) 0:2 (21-23, 12-21)

Day 2 Schedule – 8 December

12pm AEDT – Howat/Bushby (AUS) v Zacca/Hartmann (USA)

4.10pm AEDT – Fleming/Mears (AUS) v Adri/Fio (PAR)

5pm AEDT – Stevens/Fejes (AUS) v Morena/Vergara (ESP)

6pm AEDT – Pearse/Josefsen (AUS) v De La Noche/Iraya (PHI)

Qualification Tournament – Monday 6 December

Two Aussie teams took part in the qualification tournament, battling it out one of four positions (male and female) in the main draw of the U19 Beach Volleyball World Championships.

Joshua Howat/Solomon Bushby faced Finnish pairing Pulkkinen/Vainio in the qualification round, asserting dominance early and claiming a commanding 21-10 first set win.

The pair went from strength to strength in the second, managing to hold the Finnish pair at bay and claiming a straight sets win 2-0 (21-10, 21-18).

In doing so, the Australian men managed to claim one of the four spots on offer in the main draw, joining automatic qualifiers and team mates Jack Pearse and Lucas Josefsen.

The feat is only the second time an Australian men’s pairing have been able to achieve this, the first being Guehrer/Hunt in 2014.

Men’s Coach Andrew Schacht said he was extremely proud of the way Howat and Bushby played.

“It was a great team performance by Solomon and Josh to qualify for the main draw of the U19 World Championships,” Schacht said.

“The guys played a really strong first set with Solomon dominating at the net, and as the game progressed Finland started to come back but the boys strong team work came out again and proved too much for their opponents.

“Josh and Solomon are excited for their next challenge in the main draw,” he said.

In the women’s competition, Jasmine Fleming and Kayla Mears matched up against German pair Uhi/Prade.

Taking the game to three sets, the Aussie women unfortunately couldn’t hold on to their lead and lost 1-2 (21,19, 18-21, 17-19).

In a turn of events, Fleming/Mears went into the lucky losers draw and were lucky enough to earn a position in the main draw, where they will join fellow Aussies Alisha Stevens and Stefie Fejes.

Main Draw – Day 1 Schedule – 7 December

12pm AEDT – Stevens/Fejes (AUS) v Windeleff/Bisgaard (DEN)

12.50pm AEDT – Fleming/Mears (AUS) v Poiesz/Piersma B (NED)

4.10pm AEDT** – Pearse/Josefsen (AUS) v Saviauk/Kais (EST)

5pm AEDT** – Howat/Bushby (AUS) v Panchenko/Chuprinov (RUS)

6pm AEDT* – Stevens/Fejes (AUS) v K.Aungkwhawipa/Ch.Tassanee (THA)

7pm AEDT – Fleming/Mears (AUS) v Gottardi/Mattavelli (ITA)

*All games on Centre Court will be live streamed via Thailand Volleyball Association Youtube – click here

** All games on Court 2 will be live streamed via Thailand Volleyball Association Facebook – click here

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