Volleyball Australia launches ‘new look’ for event products

Volleyball Australia launches ‘new look’ for event products

Volleyball Australia is proud to unveil a new look, new logos and new websites for it’s events products as part of a rebranding initiative. 

The rebranding initiative coincided with recent changes to the events structure, and naming of the organisation’s events.

 It has provided a platform to evolve a bold but simplistic common element to each event, creating alignment and affiliation between each of the event products.

 Volleyball Australia CEO Andrew Dee said he is excited to see the branding come to life at events.

 “The new look brand for our events products unites these events in a way that we as a sport have never had before,” Dee said 

“The common ‘V-shape’ used in all of the event logos, across both beach and indoor volleyball, highlights the connections shared between the disciplines. “Originating from a triangular shape to represent the commonality of 3’s in the sport of volleyball with 3 ball contacts, 3 main actions (dig, set, spike) and the triangular trajectory of the ball. 

“The simple ‘swish’ across the V is designed to represent the volleyball spike, representing the downward scoring trajectory of the ball. 

“We are thrilled with the final look and I can’t wait to see these brands be rolled out on both the beach and the indoor courts in the coming months,” he said.

Click here to see the new look