Volleyball Australia welcomes funding boost for Paris

Volleyball Australia welcomes funding boost for Paris

The Federal Minister for Sport, The Hon. Anika Wells as today announced that the Australian Government will increase funding for national sporting organisations ahead of Paris 2024 with Volleyball Australia set to benefit from the program.

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Preparation Fund is designed to allow sports to deliver initiatives and projects which can significantly enhance medal potential and improve the performance of our Australian athletes in the lead up to Paris.

“On behalf of our athletes and coaches I’d like to express our sincere thanks to Minister Wells and the Australian Sports Commission for recognising the need for additional investment in high performance sport leading into Paris 2024,” said Andrew Dee, Volleyball Australia CEO. “This additional funding will directly benefit athletes attending camps and competitions both domestically and internationally over the coming year.

“The final 12 months of an Olympic campaign is incredibly important to not only qualify but also to achieve success at the Games. Practically every opportunity to earn Olympic qualification in our sport requires success at events held internationally which is not a cheap exercise.

“This funding boost allows our high performance team to maximise opportunities for improved preparation, results and potential Olympic qualification.

“Today’s announcement also indicates just how important a strong Games in Paris is on our journey towards Brisbane 2032.

“Volleyball Australia has actively campaigned for increased funding for our high performance programs and we welcome the Government’s recognition of how crucial this funding is.”

Minister for Sport, The Hon. Anika Wells, said the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Preparation Fund was a timely investment in our athletes.

“Our Olympic and Paralympic sports have been telling us that getting their athletes to key preparation and qualification events has been a challenge and we’ve listened,” Minister Wells said.

“Through the Australian Sports Commission, we’re proud to be able to invest further in our athletes that inspire millions of Australians when they represent us on the world stage.

“It is the ultimate honour to represent your country and now more Australians will have more

chances to become Olympic medallists.”

Australian Sports Commission CEO Kieren Perkins said the Fund would enable sports to ensure the crucial final 12 months before the Games count.

“Our athletes make extraordinary sacrifices to be ready physically, mentally and emotionally to proudly represent Australia every four years on the world’s biggest sporting stage, the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” Mr Perkins said.

“Sport hasn’t been immune from the rising cost of living pressures we are all facing. I would like to thank the Australian Government and Minister Wells for acknowledging this and allowing the Australian Sports Commission to allocate extra funds to our Olympic and Paralympic sports.

“The majority of Australians believe our Olympians and Paralympians are the best role models, especially for kids, and a source of inspiration. I am proud to work with the Government to ensure our athletes have the best platform to achieve their best in Paris.”

Australian Olympic Committee President Ian Chesterman said the news will be a huge relief for athletes and their sports who have to travel considerable distances to events around the world to qualify for the Games amid escalating costs.

“We are enormously grateful for the Federal Government’s support of our sports and athletes as they look seek to qualify for Paris,” said Chesterman. “Every Australian athlete who wants to represent our country in Paris has to travel to qualify. Travel costs are through the roof.

“So, this additional support from the Federal Government will help athletes pursue their dream of representing us all at the 2024 Olympics.

““We think an Australia with more Olympians is a better Australia. We know everyone on the team will inspire their clubs, their communities and our country. We now expect Australia again will have one of the five biggest teams next year.

“This new funding is vital. Paris is the first stop on the road to Brisbane and if we want home Games success that has to start now.”

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