Volleyroo’s fought hard against the USA

Volleyroo’s fought hard against the USA

Overnight the Volleyroos fought hard in their match against the USA unfortunately going down in 3 sets (25-23, 25-20, 25-17).

Both teams made some good defensive plays off quality serves in the 1st set, with many rallies going multiple phases. The USA block was the difference in such a tight set.

Increased service pressure from the Volleyroos created more break-point opportunities, helping them keep ahead on the scoreboard for the first half of the 2nd set. But the USA stepped up their service pressure and the Volleyroos execution proficiency on attack decreased and the USA ran away with the 2nd half of the set.

The trend towards the end of the 2nd set continued into the 3rd, with the Volleyroos reception unable to handle the USA’s service aggression.

The Volleyroos started the game with a high standard of volleyball but the relentless service pressure and team defense from the USA from start to finish proved too much for the Volleyroos.

Volleyroos captain Nehemaih Mote is proud of the debutants who have stepped up to the plate and the senior players for steering the ship.

“The grit and fight we showed today was about consolidating yesterday’s warrior performance against Russia.

“We were with the Americans all the way, the first two sets we led at different times, but we had trouble getting out of certain rotations as their servers gained rhythm.” Mote said.

Congratulations to Max Senica who made his Volleyroos debut against the USA.

The Volleyroos have three days before their next match against Japan on June 9 at 8pm AEST.

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