FIVB Pro Tour Event Registration Procedure

2024 Volleyball Australia FIVB Pro Tour Event Registration Procedure 

This information is for Australian athletes who wish to enter FIVB Pro Tour Events in 2024. If you are residing in Australia, however are registered with another National Federation as your origin, you must enter through your Federation of Origin.  

Sign-up Information 

  1. Athletes must sign up online by the specified Volleyball Australia (VA) entry deadline. The link to sign up will be available at: EOI – Pro Tour Events. This will take you to a Jotform where you will be able to register your EOI for each event.  
  1. The VA EOI deadline will be 55 days prior to the tournament start date. A team must submit its EOI as one entry and will receive a confirmation email upon completing the EOI process. The EOI does not guarantee your entry into the tournament. 
  1. Information Required to Complete the online EOI: 
  • Name and email address for both athletes 
  • Passport Information for both athletes 
  • Emergency Contacts for both athletes 

Team Deposit and Fees 

  1. Individuals must pay a USD$250 deposit with their first EOI entry (teams to pay USD$500) to VA which will be refunded to the individuals at the conclusion of the season. This deposit will only be utilised if the team is given a fine throughout the 2024 season.  
  1. All athletes are also required to pay a AUD$50 annual administration fee for entering FIVB tournaments.

New Athletes

In order for VA to register new athletes, the following must be done:

Late Registration

EOI’s that are received after the above submission date will not be considered for entry. 

Post Registration Information

VA registrations follow the latest FIVB BVB Sport Operations Manual, which can be found at: Tools (  Athletes are required to familiarise themselves with this manual.  

Key information:  

  1. Submitting an EOI is not a guarantee that you will be in the specified tournament. 
  1. The confirmed entry list is scheduled to come out at -28 days from the event start date via the FIVB Volleyball World tournament website. At this point, teams will know if there are in the main draw, qualifier, or reserve list. 
  1. The entry list is done according to FIVB Entry Ranking points. 
  1. A team can withdraw any time before 28 days before an event with no penalty. 
  1. After 28 days before an event, teams will need a supporting medical certificate to withdraw with no penalty. 
  1. After 21 days before an event, teams will need proof of flight in addition to the medical certificate to avoid penalty. 
  1. After 16:00 CET the Friday the week before the start of the tournament teams will be fined by the FIVB as per the latest BVB Sports Operation Manual, force majeure reasons excluded. 
  1. All withdrawal requests must be submitted by emailing 
  • All parties involved in the withdrawal request must submit such request via email. For example, if a team would like to withdraw from an event, both athletes must email stating they would like to withdraw. If the withdrawal involves a player substitution, then all three players (the withdrawing player, substituting player and continuing player) must contact VA via email. Athletes will need to submit withdrawals ASAP and at the very latest, 3 days before the FIVB deadline to allow for appropriate time to process the withdrawal, thus avoiding any fines and/or sanctions. Withdrawal requests after 3 days before the event cannot be guaranteed to get in on time and the team/athlete will be held responsible for any fines and/or sanctions.  

Travel Information:

  1. Athletes and coaches are responsible for booking their own travel, accommodation, and all other attributed costs to the event. 
  1. Event Specific Regulations and Information will be released on the FIVB Volleyball World website, with the confirmed list and provide information such as the arrival date, main draw hotel, airport pick-up options etc. It is the responsibility of the athlete to check this website as VA will not be posting any information on its website.  

IMPORTANT: Athletes entering into FIVB tournaments must ensure that they submit all of the necessary documents when submitting their EOI for the tournament. If these documents are not received then the team will not be entered into the tournament.