Have a Go

Volleyball Australia seeks to Increase Opportunities for all to Have A Go at Volleyball.

Core Objectives

To inspire and foster a lifelong enjoyment of volleyball for participants, volunteers, officials and coaches.

  • Strong Foundations
  • Event Programs
  • Our People
  • Growing the Game
  • Places to Play

Increase the number of people who are connected and engaged with volleyball through more accessible versions of volleyball which are flexible, fun and easily supported by clubs, coaches and multi-sports centres who ensure programs are successful.

Further Information

The Club Development resources will assist and support Clubs and Associations in the areas of capacity building, participation growth and club sustainability. Recognising the vital role that clubs play in growing the game, this website has been developed as a whole of industry initiative to assist with resources and information on running a successful volleyball club. Our goal is to lead, partner and support the growth in participation, performance and profile of Volleyball in Australia.

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Want to play Spikezone? Contact your state office for where to find your local competition.

Want to get your school involved? Click here to go to our Sporting Schools page for more information 

Volleyball Australia encourages parents to become directly involved in their children’s Spikezone Volleyball program.   Click 
herefind out some great implementation strategies 

Further Information

Light Volley uses a lighter ball, lower net to keep the game going for a fast-paced 5-aside, exciting volleyball experience.

The game is played between two teams of five (5) with rolling subs. The court size is modified and net height is 1.6m (which can be modified depending on the age and ability level of participants) with a lighter ball.

Teams score by getting the Light Volley ball over the net within 3 touches and the ball touching the oppositions side. In the ‘come and try’ games one bounce will also be allowed. Teams can serve underarm or overarm and can be made up of mixed players and abilities…trick shots will be encouraged.

Further Information

Students engage with Volleyball Australia’s Spikezone program, through a series of entry-level skill and game-related coaching sessions for Volleyball or Beach Volleyball, which can be modified to suit various ages, skill level and group size to ensure players have a fun experience while learning the game.

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