Volleyball is one of the top participated sports worldwide that everyone can enjoy through welcoming, inclusive, and safe practices. Volleyball as a sport prides itself on being easily adaptable, engaging dual-gender opportunities, a rebound and non-contact sport, making it one of the best choices for entry-level opportunities, social play or competition.

Volleyball Australia is committed to providing opportunities for people of all abilities and backgrounds to participate in inclusive volleyball. Sitting Volleyball is an adapted version of the sport and like Light Volley and Spikezone, this can be participated in at all levels, including come and trys, games at training, and in skill development and social gamification at school, club and community programs and events.

Inclusive Volleyball Opportunities Aims To:

  • Develop collaborative partnerships
  • Educate and understand the barriers
  • Engage the whole community
  • Reduce the barriers through modified and inclusive equipment and training
  • Promote inclusive practices

Why Get Involved?

Volleyball – The Ideal Sport for:

  • People with a Disability through Sitting Volleyball and Standing Beach Volleyball 
  • Accessible equipment through our Online Shop
  • Additional Resources for Sitting Volleyball can be found here
  • Multi-surface delivery through our delivery network and partners
  • Positive and quality experiences through Programs and Events
  • Competitions and modified programs through Clubs and Associations