Volleyball Australia has and is developing an increasing number of policies and regulations to aid in the governance and management of the sport in Australia.

The policies that are currently in place and endorsed by Volleyball Australia can be downloaded below.

File Published Size Download
Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy 26/07/2022 7.92 MB View
Member Protection Policy 26/07/2022 1.70 MB View
South Australia Child Safeguarding Addendum 26/07/2022 1.53 MB View
Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy 26/07/2022 1.56 MB View
Child Safegauarding Policy 26/07/2022 6.81 MB View
Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy 26/07/2022 2.51 MB View
National Integrity Framework Policy 26/07/2022 2.71 MB View
Social Media Policy 28/02/2022 188.62 KB View
Privacy Policy 28/02/2022 163.55 KB View
Whistleblower Policy 04/11/2021 248.95 KB View
Terms & Conditions 30/03/2016 300.58 KB View

The Volleyball Australia anti-doping policy is the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy, effective from 1 January 2021, and found here on the Sport Integrity Australia website. All members, participants and non-participants in the sport of volleyball are bound by these rules.

File Published Size Download
2021-2022 Beach Volleyball Selection Policy 27/04/2022 882.44 KB View
2019-2020 Indoor Volleyball Selection Policy 12/02/2021 594.28 KB View
FIVB Medical Regulations 01/01/2016 1.11 MB View
Supplements Policy 30/04/2015 717.25 KB View

File Published Size Download
Lightning Policy 29/04/2021 276.41 KB View
Sports Medicine Australia Extreme Heat Policy 01/02/2021 1.46 MB View
Concussion Policy 01/02/2019 502.05 KB View
Sports Medicine Australia Blood Policy Pamphlet 01/08/2017 175.20 KB View

File Published Size Download
VA Officials Code of Behaviour 13/09/2021 180.16 KB View
Referee Accreditation Framework 01/06/2021 828.22 KB View
Coach Accreditation Framework 01/05/2021 616.00 KB View

File Published Size Download
FIVB Sports Regulations - Beach Volleyball 14/12/2020 3.66 MB View
FIVB Sports Regulations - Volleyball 03/11/2020 584.85 KB View
FIVB Event Regulations - Volleyball 03/11/2020 1.52 MB View
FIVB International Transfer Procedure Manual - Volleyball 01/07/2020 5.02 MB View