Reporting Integrity Issues

In 2022, Volleyball Australia adopted the National Integrity Framework. This means that from 27 July 2022, concerns or complaints about alleged integrity breaches can be reported directly to Sport Integrity Australia by filling out the webform on the Sport Integrity Australia website.

Volleyball Australia will continue to handle all non-National Integrity Framework related matters, such as Selection Policy Disputes. You can find more information about who manages what sort of sport complaints here. NIF Overview Fact Sheet 

All alleged breaches in relation to our National Integrity Framework and associated integrity policies will be managed under the Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy.

Anything that may constitute Prohibited Conduct in a policy must be reported to Sport Integrity Australia. The full list of Prohibited Conduct is available here but includes things such as:


• Abuse

• Bullying

• Harassment

• Sexual Misconduct

• Unlawful Discrimination

• Victimisation

• Misconduct with a Child

• Grooming

• Supply of Drugs or Alcohol to a Child

• Race fixing and other types of Competition Manipulation

• Supplying inside information for the purposes of gambling

• Betting on Volleyball events

• Unlawful use of over the counter or prescription drugs

• Inappropriate use or provision of supplements

• Illicit drug use

• Concealing information about Prohibited Conduct

• Doping (managed under the Volleyball Australia Anti-Doping Policy)

Below are some simple tips to remember when considering lodging a complaint with Sport Integrity Australia.


• Anyone can make a complaint.


• Complaints help us take action against people who aren’t upholding the integrity standards of our sport. By speaking up – you are protecting all other people around you.


• Only complaints relating to alleged breaches of prohibited conduct under the National Integrity Framework can be submitted to Sport Integrity Australia.


• Complaints can only be actioned by Sport Integrity Australia if the person who allegedly committed the behaviour is bound by our sport (i.e. they must have agreed to be bound by the policy via membership or agreement).


• Complaints can only be actioned by Sport Integrity Australia if the alleged conduct occurred on or after 27 July 2022


• Complaints relating to selections, governance, personal grievances, whistleblower or code of conduct are not covered under the National Integrity Framework. Complaints of this nature should be submitted to the relevant organisation where they occurred (for example: for club level matters, please report to club management. For state level matters, please report to state management. If in doubt, please contact

To report a breach of an integrity policy, submit directly to Sport Integrity Australia via:

For all other complaints, report directly to Volleyball Australia National Integrity Manager at