National Development Program

The National Development Program (NDP) is an initiative by Volleyball Australia that focuses on the development of young athletes in the sport of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball, specifically at the youth (under 14-18) and junior (under 19-23) levels. Its primary goal is to serve as a performance pathway program, providing a structured framework for athletes and coaches to progress towards representing Australia at the national senior team level as Volleyroos and Beach Volleyroos.

The NDP operates on a national scale, aiming to identify and nurture emerging and developing junior athletes across the country. It offers various developmental opportunities such as camps and tours, both domestically and internationally, to provide valuable experience and exposure to high-level Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. These opportunities allow selected athletes to represent Australia at international events, further enhancing their skills and understanding of the game.

In addition to regional and national development camps, the NDP also organises international development tours. These tours are designed to broaden the exposure of a wider group of athletes and coaches to international-level competition, thereby contributing to their overall growth and development.

Overall, the NDP plays a crucial role in the talent identification, development and preparation of young Volleyball players in Australia. It serves as a stepping stone for aspiring athletes, offering them a clear pathway to progress towards representing their country in senior national teams and international competitions in both indoor and Beach Volleyball. 

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The diagram above provides a visual representation of the National pathway system structure and highlighting the National Development Program’s place within it. Positioned between the High Performance level, which includes the senior Volleyroo and Beach Volleyroo National teams and the State Pathway programs, the NDP acts as a vital bridge. The diagram also indicates the inclusion of nationally-aligned daily training environments proposed for each state, emphasising the NDP’s extensive reach and role in nurturing and developing talented athletes across the country.

Welcome to Volleyball Australia’s National Development Program page. On this page, you will find information relevant to the development of under-age volleyball athletes in Australia, as well as coach development opportunities. Please use the link below to access more information about the National Development Program.

Program Overview

The National Development Program is a nationally-focused camp and international development tours based program for targeted volleyball and beach volleyball athletes from across Australia underpinned by State-led talent identification and development programs.

The National Development Program is underpinned by the Australian Volleyball Academy and a federation of elite development programs and volleyball academies across Australia. The Australian Volleyball Academies are located at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra for the integrated program, and at the South Australian Institute of Sport in Adelaide for Beach Volleyball.

The program continuously produces an experienced pool of international quality players capable of sustaining a professional volleyball career and suitable for selection as a senior Volleyroo. In addition to the identification and development of future Volleyroos, the National Development Program also supports the broader development of volleyball talent and the promotion of volleyball as a sport of choice across the country. A complimentary purpose of the National Development Program is to provide a structured coach development program to grow the coaching talent in Australia.

National Age-Group Development Squads

Age-group Development Squads are named based on current performance and future potential, and operate within a two-year cycle. Athletes are included after Talent Identification processes at state-level and national-level competitions (e.g. Schools Cup) and involve input from (but not limited to) Volleyball Australia appointed Age-Group Head Coaches, Australian Volleyball Academy coaches, State Volleyball Organisations and State-based Volleyball Academies. These squads form the basis of invitations for camps and tours that are relevant to each age-group. New talent identified throughout the year may also be invited to development opportunities.

Development Opportunities

The National Development Program aims to provide multiple opportunities for athletes to be involved in Volleyball and Beach Volleyball opportunities through national camps, domestic competitions, international development tours, and international representations at peak Junior Championship events.

Athletes who have been identified as potential National Development Program National Age-Group Development Squad members through state and national based talent identification may be invited to attend national camps to further develop their tactical and technical volleyball skills. An invitation will also be extended to those athletes who are currently in National Age-Group Development Squads. Invitations are distributed in consultations with the state volleyball governing bodies.

Coaching and Coach Development Opportunities

Excellent coaching is at the core of the National Development Program and the future of volleyball in Australia. A complimentary purpose of the National Development Program is to provide a structured coach development program to grow the coaching talent within Australia. Just like athletes, coaches are provided multiple opportunities to develop their technical and tactical knowledge through participation in national camps and international development opportunities.

In addition to the opportunities provided through the National Development Program, Volleyball Australia offers coach education and development through the coaching accreditation framework. More information on this can be found on the Volleyball Australia Coach Education and Development Program page.

National Development Program Coaches

The National Development Program is always on the lookout for new and returning coaches to join us at our Rising Stars National Talent Camps and National Development Camps. By participating in these camps and learning the Australian Volleyball philosophy, systems, and values, you will not only develop as a coach, but you will also contribute to the future of the sport. Performing well at these cams may also lead to other opportunities including international development tours.

International Competition

Peak International Junior Championships

Junior athletes have the opportunity to represent Australia at peak international Junior Championships. The Asian Volleyball Championships are held every two years and acts as the qualifications for the FIVB World Championships the following year. Selection in these high-performance teams is determined at invitation-only selection camps and in accordance with Junior Selection Policies which can be found Volleyball Australia Policies page.

Australian Volleyball Academy (AVA)



Many athletes who are members of the National Development Program’s National Under-Age Development Squads are successful in gaining an invitation to attend the Australian Volleyball Academy.


The primary objective of the Australian Volleyball Academy (AVA) is to identify and develop Olympic potential athletes for Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. It is the High-Performance Development Program for Volleyball and Beach Volleyball athletes who aspire to reach the elite level of their sport. The AVA headquarters and training base for the centralised AVA development program is located at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra.

The AVA provides a holistic development program, including physical, mental, and life skills training aimed at developing the attributes and abilities required to compete at the highest level. Athletes will graduate to the next level of the pathway where options include the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour, North American college and European professional clubs.

An integrated approach to athlete development, including training in both volleyball and beach volleyball, is a key feature of the AVA approach, based on the principle that training in one discipline will produce performance benefits in the other. The intent is to grow the pool of talented young players who will compete for a place at the international level for Australia.

For more information on the Australian Volleyball Academy, please visit the AVA page.



Navigating the USA Collegiate System

A resource developed by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and Volleyball Australia to assist potential student-athletes make informed decisions about their athletic and academic future.

Volleyball Essentials

A strength and conditioning resource designed to target key volleyball movement and strength fundamentals. Each level can be completed by athletes away from their training environment and with minimal equipment required. Ensure that each level is completed before progressing to the next.

Developed by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and Volleyball Australia.

revolutioniseSPORT login

revolutioniseSPORT is an online sports management platform used by the National Development Program to help effectively communicate with athletes and parents in our National Age-Group Development Squads. Athletes and parents can log in to revolutioniseSPORT to update and view athlete profiles.

revolutioniseSPORT login

Please note that athletes will receive a revolutioniseSPORT account, profile, and log-in details upon their inclusion in the National Development Program National Age-Group Development Squads.

For more information on Volleyball Australia’s National Development Program, please contact us here.



For more information on Volleyball Australia’s National Development Program, please contact us here.